Welcome to the White Swiss Shepherd Dog Club of Australia Inc Official Website!

Our organisation the WSSDCA inc. was established at the turn of the millennium in the year 2000, heralding a fresh start and a future for the White coated Shepherd dogs in Australia that were deemed no longer registrable within the German Shepherd breed or ANKC. Our name back then was the White Shepherd Association of Australia, which in late 2002 developed into the White Swiss Shepherd Dog Club of Australia Inc., the name change reflecting and celebrating the FCI’s acceptance of White German Shepherds and local unregistered white Shepherds under a united breed name the White Swiss Shepherd. Whilst it is disappointing that at present the FCI White Swiss Shepherd and Australian White Swiss Shepherd remain separated in our country, the WSSDCA is proud to independently operate offering no such registration discrimination to breeders and owners.

For over fourteen years now we have welcomed puppies born to WSSDCA breeders onto our register, as well as dogs from countries as diverse as America, England, Europe and South Africa. Our Australian dogs are also exported to different countries overseas, many to compete successfully in Swiss Shepherd specialist shows. Our bloodlines are valued for their sound structure, health, temperament and genetic diversity…the WSSDCA led the way with mandatory hip and elbow x-raying of breeding stock long before it was necessary for registration in other countries and many of our lines cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The WSSDCA Committee are all owners of a wonderful White Shepherd, or two, or more! and enjoy taking the time to offer support and encouragement if and when needed. Social Events are a great opportunity for our young dogs to gain confidence while the older ones get some off lead playtime with other friendly dogs. We aim to keep our events even our shows low-key and friendly, where owners can catch up and chat about their interests…many long lasting friendships have begun from meeting like minded people at WSSDCA outings and we hope there will be many more!

For all enquiries please direct emails to the Secretary on secretary.wssdca@gmail.com or Enquiries Officer on enquiries.wssdca@gmail.com